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Customized Wolf Brigade Mace 8kg-16kg

Customized Wolf Brigade Mace 8kg-16kg

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Wolf Brigade maces are handmade, personalized, and, now, customized...

We are now offering our maces hand-etched with your artwork!

This is 100% separate from our standard mace, and is a direct result of many recent requests.

Submit your own reasonable, etch-able graphic as high-quality photo or art file, along with brief, specific personalization instructions!

Since beginning this process, our ability to etch tremendously detailed artwork has improved dramatically;
If the artwork you request is possible, but extremely complex or unusually large, an upcharge may be requested.

The finished product will include a unique WBNY logo on one side and your artwork on the other.


- One piece of high-resolution art per mace.

- Artwork subject to approval (Please keep it simple-ish; we do not do portraits of your kids or cat).


8 - 10 - 12kg: $425, shipped, in the 48-continuous US states

14 - 16 kg: $455, shipped, in the 48-continuous US states

Please submit your artwork with your order number to:

For those new to the mace, our Definitive Mace 360 Tutorial, V.2 and our Mace Playlist on our YouTube channel will be valuable tools to aid you.

(US (DOMESTIC) ORDERS ONLY. INTERNATIONAL ORDERS WILL BE SUBJECT TO CANCELLATION. We want to offer this worldwide; We're working on it...

Unless otherwise specified, lead time is 14-21 days- Frequently sooner, occasionally a little longer!

Thank you for your patience with our unique process; It will be worth the wait!


Made in the USA
Seamless steel handle, cast aluminum ball
Hand-poured, hand-finished, hand-branded
40″ x 1.25″ handle: Appropriate, time-tested length and OD for progressive swinging and lifting
44″ , 48″ overall length
Contoured, unobtrusive end-cap

Mace is unpainted/ raw. This is intentional. If it oxidizes, run a cloth or fine-grain sandpaper over it and it will be back to normal in minutes.

These are one-of-a-kind, hand-made products; If you are looking for a perfectly manicured, robotically-produced item, this is not for you

Available in 8KG, 10KG, 12KG, 14KG, 16KG

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