Consulting and development opportunities with Greg Walsh

Greg is widely heralded as one of the most accurate, strategic, and effective strength and conditioning professionals in the world.

Over the past 30 years he has both built and run multiple standout brands in several industries, weathered nearly any imaginable storm, and continues to set fitness industry standards for athletic development and performance on any and every body;

Greg and his crew work daily on brand-new beginners and tip-of-the-spear professionals, all with equal and unmatched efficacy.

  • Two Blocks

    Once, is luck:


  • Three Blocks

    Ensuring the proof, is actually in the pudding:


  • Five Blocks

    As with everything we do- learn nothing, pay nothing:


Prior to this offering, Greg would simply 'consult' with anyone that wrote into the Wolf Brigade website or social media platforms. With a recent turning of the tides, these valuable teaching and learning offerings need to be standardized and monetized.Greg will take ten consults per week, and the topic is- within reason- users choice.

Athlete of any level? We can improve you.

Coach/ Trainer/ Teacher? We can improve you.

Whether it be assessing, addressing, and improving movement, clarifying and standardizing training language, tinkering with program design, or simply navigating the increasingly murky waters of our modern culture, it is time to allow our vast and varied experience to help those in need, while (finally) looking out for ourselves as well.

We hope you will join us.

Two consulting blocks (once, is luck): $300

Three consulting blocks (ensuring the proof, is actually in the pudding): $400

Five consulting blocks (as with everything we do- learn nothing, pay nothing): $500

The process takes the time it takes, within reason. Our purpose here, is true and effective helping; That seldom occurs with a stopwatch running. Thank you as always for your interest and support. 

A new offering, with the same mission: All manner, age, shape, size, and color of have-or-have-not, possessing the true want and will to improve...We can and will help you.

'The Cycle of Learning destroys and creates; Takes more than we have, but gives more than it takes.'

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