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'Agnostic Front Roger Miret' Benefit T-Shirt

'Agnostic Front Roger Miret' Benefit T-Shirt

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Featuring an image of the cloth-and-tape Wolf Brigade banner that the wall of our gym has worn since its inception (influenced by the Agnostic Front banner pictured on the back), and an iconic quote from AF’s ‘Live at CBGB’s’ record from 1989, this is our attempt at both paying homage to a band that has been woven into the fabric of my entire life, and giving something back to Roger as he recovers from cancer.

Without Agnostic Front, and a few other bands/ people/ brands, nothing we’ve ever done would look the way it does; “Influential”, is an understatement.

This shirt is in no way affiliated with the band, the artwork was not approved by the band, and we make no representations as agents of Agnostic Front or Roger Miret; We simply want to give something small back to someone that has given us all so much. All proceeds after printing cost will go directly to Roger.

Price includes shipping in the continental US!

This is printed on Alstyle 1301, 100% cotton. Our long-standing opinion is that the 1301 is the best fitting/ wearing/ washing of the “cheaper” shirts.
It is a bit heavier (but not obtrusively so) than the Next Level 3600 we often print on. As always, we hope you enjoy.

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