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'Burn The Boats' T-Shirt: Protekt X Wolf Brigade collaboration

'Burn The Boats' T-Shirt: Protekt X Wolf Brigade collaboration

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First, a word from Tim Duba- co-founder of Protekt:

'Protekt was formed by a group of veterans and athletes who believe the greatest experiences in life come from shared suffering in pursuit of your passions.

Our experiences have taught us that the greatest performance enhancers available to every human are proper hydration and effective sleep.

We provide high-quality, simple solutions to place our customer in an optimal state to perform their best.

We believe strong roots begin with strong routines and strong community. Join us!'

We could not be more pleased to announce our first brand collaboration with Tim, Nick, Mark, and the rest of their crew.

There is a simplicity and truth to how we've connected with them, and in an age of convolution and insincerity,
a few unusual and enjoyable conversations did it for me.

A pretty great silver lining, is that their brand makes products you can actually feel... And in an age of over-charge, under-deliver, and never prove,
we wouldn't even consider aligning with anyone that didn't tread the opposite path, and take the opposing stance.

We brought Protekt in to sell at the gym prior to deciding to "work together";
With our limited space and resources, and discerning membership, we will never gamble with substandard brands.

Thank you Tim and Nick, and hope all of you enjoy our 'Burn the Boats' Progress Conspiracy #005, printed on 100% cotton t-shirt.

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